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Ozone - What is it and how can it help to clean your clothes?

Ozone is in the air around us all the time. It occurs naturally in the environment and is simply activated Oxygen – think of the fresh smell following a thunderstorm and that’s Ozone.

Ozone is a natural gas made up of 3 atoms of Oxygen. It is found mainly in the upper layers of the atmosphere. When ozone comes in contact with organic compounds or bacteria, the extra atom of oxygen destroys the contaminant by oxidation.

Ozone decomposes to oxygen after being used so no harmful by-products result. It is not a masking process. To have a noticeable effect it needs to be in a high concentration. At Woodland Dry Cleaners we have a metal cabinet that makes Ozone by using an electrical discharge. This is pumped in to the cabinet in which we have placed clothes, shoes, blankets and anything else that we want to treat. We leave the items in the Ozone enriched cabinet for at least an hour to help eliminate odours permanently.

Odours that can be eliminated include sweat, cooking, mould, pet, perfume and smoke.

All dry cleaned clothes spend upwards of an hour in the Ozone cabinet after cleaning before steaming, pressing and finishing. We believe we are the only Dry cleaners in the UK to routinely do this. Your clothes will smell far more clean and fresh.

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